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Monday, November 22, 2010

Another One Bites The Dust

Grace is not in my genes.  It just doesn't run in the family.  We are all pretty clumsy.  I can't count the times I've tripped over my own feet NOTHING.  I can remember growing up and my sister tripping UP the stairs ALL the time.

Luckily, it seems that Zoe and Gwen have a little more grace than I do.  Maybe it came from the Anderson's?

Well, the other night, we weren't so lucky.  And I have to admit, it was partially my fault.

You see, Gwen likes to get behind the couch.  It was bedtime and I was in the bathroom with Zoe watching her brush her teeth.  I peek into the living room.  The Diaper Genie was knocked over (it's 'blocking' the entrance to behind the couch) and Gwen is nowhere in sight.

The only way for me to get her out of there is to lift up the end of the couch and pull it out.  I pull the couch out and grab Gwen and put her over on the opposite wall.  Just as I'm moving the couch back, Gwen goes running toward the couch.  And just as I'm moving the couch back towards the wall, she lunges, hoping to propel herself on top of the couch.  However, as you've read, I was moving it.  So she missed.  Completely.  She face-planted into the front of the couch.

Holy mother of...!  She's screaming and there's blood.  Not a ton, but quite a bit.  It's all over my hands and arms and shirt.  Her pj's have blood on them and her hand is covered.  It's dripping off her chin.  Zoe went into frantic mode.  She just didn't know what to do.  I asked her to grab me a washcloth from the bathroom.  She scaled the gate in the living room in 2 seconds flat.  (She will make an awesome hurdler someday!!)  She brought it to the gate and I asked her to get it wet with cold water and squeeze as much out as she could.  She came back with the washcloth and I put it on Gwen's mouth.

It instantly calmed her.  Every time I took the washcloth away to check to see if the bleeding stopped, she moved her face forward and tried to press her mouth against it.  It didn't take long for the bleeding to stop.  I noticed 3 teeth marks in the top of her bottom lip.  The only thing I can figure is that her top teeth went in when she hit the couch.

Now what?  We're covered in blood.

I know!

Bath time!!

I ran the water and threw Gwen in.  She likes LOVES bath time so this made her feel even better.  It also gave me a chance to get the blood off my arms.

Zoe kept coming into the bathroom to make sure Gwennie was ok and to ask how she could make her feel better.  I told her that Gwen was fine now, everything was ok.

About a minute before I was going to pull Gwen out of the tub, Zoe comes in and tells me to make Gwennie close her eyes when I bring her in the living room because she has a super, super, super special surprise for her.  (Awww, how sweet!)

We get out to the living room and Zoe has piled up about 6 or 7 of her stuffed animals and does a "Ta-da!" when we see them.  She is just the best big sister ever!

Now, you'd think there would be a fat lip and a major bruise.  But you'd be wrong.  The next day you could just barely see 3 white 'scabs' on the top of her lip and by the day after that, nothing.  NOTHING.

Is my kid related to Wolverine?  I swear she has super healing powers.


The Waughs said...

Scary but thank goodness she was fine. Stitches on a screaming kid is not fun - TRUST ME.